The totals are in and we have set a new record. With all of your help we have raised $375,047.66. Thank you to everyone who helped make the 20th year of GRACE so successful in our fundraising efforts.

2023 Calendar Raffle Winners

 Date   Amount   Ticket #   Winner
8/31/2023   $100   3096   John Geisler, Richland Center
8/31/2023   $100   2069   Jamey Gander, Richland Center
8/30/2023   $50   3121   Dan Ekleberry, Muscoda
8/30/2023   $50   279   Nikki Young, Richland Center
8/29/2023   $50   3463   Matt Rynes, Fitchburg
8/29/2023   $50   123   Meighan Adams, Lone Rock
8/28/2023   $50   2903   Janice Mueller, Beloit
8/28/2023   $50   1041   Nicole Jack, Nashville
8/27/2023   $50   2009   Dan Brickl, Spring Green
8/27/2023   $50   198   Belinda Winkers, Spring Green
8/26/2023   $50   3256   Donna Smith, Spring Green
8/26/2023   $50   2763   Charles Berger, Richland Center
8/25/2023   $500   2531   Bentley Nelson, LaFarge
8/25/2023   $500   149   Beanie & Dean Bindl, Spring Green
8/24/2023   $50   1137   Stephanie Freeman, Chippewa Falls
8/24/2023   $50   42   Fred Mills, Lone Rock
8/23/2023   $50   2832   Dan McCowley, St. Augustine FL
8/23/2023   $50   869   Barbara Edwards, Richland Center
8/22/2023   $50   1119  
Kathy Spencer, Hillsboro
8/22/2023   $50   732  
Shelly Pluemer, Richland Center
8/21/2023   $50   890  
Lindsey Tennant, Richland Center
8/21/2023   $50   741  
Millie Thiede, Richland Center
8/20/2023   $50   2154  
Suzanne Fish, Richland Center
8/20/2023   $50   105  
Jim Bindl, Wilton
8/19/2023   $50   2578  
Janice Robel, Richland Center
8/19/2023   $50   319  
Nancy Pulvermacher, Waupaca
8/18/2023   $500   3380   Dawn Starr, Lone Rock
8/18/2023   $500   3170   Jason Sprecher, Spring Green
8/17/2023   $50   3746   Eileen Stevens, Richland Center
8/17/2023   $50   78   Saylor Halverson, Lone Rock
8/16/2023   $50   1026   Marlene geary, Viola
8/16/2023   $50   371   Andrea Lippens, Muscoda
8/15/2023   $50   2177   Juan Hansen, Richland Center WI
8/15/2023   $50   2051   Pete Esser, Boscobel WI
8/14/2023   $50   2387   Val Jacobson, Richland Center WI
8/14/2023   $50   2316   Darlo Wentz, Richland Center WI
8/13/2023   $50   2770   Emily Fish, Richland Center WI
8/13/2023   $50   1273   Pat Donohue, Lone Rock WI
8/12/2023   $50   222   Vicki & Don Kieler, Monona WI
8/12/2023   $50   70   Barb Adams, Lone Rock WI
8/11/2023   $1,000   1075   Janice Beranek, Richland Center WI
8/11/2023   $1,000   497   Ellen Keller Evans, McFarland WI

Driving Out Cancer

GRACE would like to announce that Cody Smith from Mauston WI has won the UTV with trailer raffle.
We would like to thank Vetesnik Power Sports for partnering with us in this amazing event. They went above and beyond to help us be successful in this fundraiser.
We won't know our final fundraising profit from this event until early September. We will announce that amount once we have it confirmed.
GRACE would like to thank all the people that helped out in this fundraiser. We relied on many people and businesses to help us get the word out and sell tickets. We would also like to thank all of the people that purchased tickets.

Welcome to Greater Richland Area Cancer Elimination, Inc. (G.R.A.C.E.)

The citizens of Richland County and surrounding communities have formed G.R.A.C.E. which stands for Greater Richland Area Cancer Elimination. Please take time to view our Mission & Vision Statements here.

We host an annual event on the second Friday of August called Walk With GRACE. The next event will be held on August 16, 2024. The Walk is held “In memory of those who have died, in honor of those who have survived, and in thanks to those who have cared.”

Our community has been touched deeply by cancer. It is our goal to help assist cancer patients with their needs and support research to someday eliminate cancer. Your support is appreciated. Anyone interested in more information, or in volunteering, please contact a board member.

It is also important to note that all of the work that goes into the walk and the administration of the organization is done solely by volunteers. Thus, all money raised goes directly to fighting cancer; by directly helping cancer patients, funding research, making donations to the local medical community and providing preventative education items.

Please enjoy the 2023 Walk with GRACE luminaries put to music, below.

Donations to G.R.A.C.E. Changes Lives,
and empowers us all to fight cancer!

G.R.A.C.E. works to fight cancer, fund research, help cancer patients and provide cancer preventative educational items.

Because of such great team efforts and your generous donations, we have been able to help many cancer patients since 2004 to pay bills for medication, house payments, utility bills, heat bills, travel expenses, and so much more.




"One Step at a Time”

Since it’s inception in 2004 G.R.A.C.E. has raised over $4,000,000.00. Thank you to everyone who continues to support our organization.

This would never be possible without the support and commitment of so many people.


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Greater Richland Area Cancer Elimination, Inc.

P.O. Box 213

Richland Center, WI 53581


GRACE Office

The GRACE office is located above Royal Bank in Richland Center, which is on the corner of East Court Street and South Central Avenue. The entrance is located on East Court Street, just to the left of Royal Bank.

“When the bad news is Cancer…The good news is G.R.A.C.E.”