Cancer Research

Each year a portion of the total funds raised is donated to research. In 2022 that amount totaled $69,724.77, which represented 30% of the total funds raised. The funds were split between UW Carbone Comprehensive Cancer Center in Madison and Gunderson Lutheran in LaCrosse. 

UW Carbone Cancer Center

uw carbone cancer treatment center

The University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center is recognized throughout the Midwest and the nation as one of the leading innovators in cancer research, quality patient care and active community involvement. UW Carbone Cancer Center is the only comprehensive cancer center in Wisconsin, as designated by the National Cancer Institute.

Currently gifts from GRACE are used to support research at the University of Wisconin Carbone Cancer Center, (UWCCC) specifically in the McArdle Laboratory for Basic Cancer Research, the first basic science cancer center in an academic institution in the United States.  

For the past few years, G.R.A.C.E. has been supporting the McArdle Lab’s ongoing human cancer virology research which is part of the UWCCC Human Virology Program; one of the six Scientific Programs conducted at UWCCC.  Over 300 labs across the UW campus participate in our scientific programs and our clinical researchers work to translate this research into better ways to prevent and treat cancer. 

Most recent G.R.A.C.E. funds were used to help develop a first of its kind mouse model to better understand how Human Papilloma Virus infection induces head and neck cancers.  The new mouse model will help advance research in this area at UWCCC and other cancer research centers around the world.  Head and neck cancers are devastating cancers.   Our head and neck cancer patients wear their battle scars in public and can lose their ability to speak, taste and swallow naturally.  Working together we will ultimately find cures for all cancers or as GRACE would say eliminate cancer.  Thank you for your continued support.
Thank you and GRACE for all you do to help cancer patients in your area and around the nation through research!

Information provided by Maureen Dembski
Sr. Director of Development at UW Carbone Cancer Center.


2022 check presentation to Carbone

A check in the amount of $34,862.38 was sent to UW Carbone Cancer Center. This check represented their portion of the $69,724.77 (30% of the total amount raised in 2022) donated to the research community.

Gundersen Health System

gundersen health system

Gundersen Health System is where caring meets excellence through a comprehensive health network of wholly owned services and regional partners. It's where nationally recognized quality meets dedicated, compassionate professionals, caring for patients in all stages of life.

2022 check presentation to Gundersen Health System

A check in the amount of $34,862.38 was sent to Gundersen Health System. This check represented their portion of the $69,724.77 (30% of the total amount raised in 2022) donated to the research community.


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“When the bad news is Cancer…The good news is G.R.A.C.E.”